Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions


Our semi permanent eyelash extensions are styled according to your unique eye shape.
We offer a range of eyelash extensions, from classic (1:1) to Russian, using a specialist handmade fanned technique as well as infills to maintain your beautiful lashes.
For those of you who prefer to enhance your own natural lashes without the use of false lashes, we offer a lash lifting treatment.

Are a mixture of classic and volume and are great for those that want more density but also want length. A good lash to have if you only usually have classic and are wanting to try volume.

These lashes are similar to the Russian volume lashes however they create a beautiful feathery more natural look and add length to your natural lashes. 3/4 ultra fine lashes are applied to a natural lash in a specialised fanning technique. Perfect for brides and everyday wear!

These lashes create a thicker more volume and dense look to lashes. Great for clients who prefer lighter weight lashes but want a more dramatic lashes. Each natural lash has 3-5 light weight lashes applied in a fan shape.

These fine synthetic lashes are designed to give you thicker, fuller and longer lashes with a natural curl. Each natural lash has one synthetic eyelash extension attached. Ideal for clients wanting a more natural and flawless look.

This revolutionary treatment is perfect for those clients wanting a low maintenance lash treatment. It gives the illusion of longer, thicker and darker lashes without the need for eyelash extensions.


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(1hr 30min)
Fluffy Volume
Lash Lift

Treatment Tips!

I recommend professional top-up treatments every 2-3 weeks. .

The maintenance procedure simply adds extra individual extensions to those places where your natural lashes have completed their lifecycle – keeping your stunning new look in tip-top condition.

“Best lash tech I’ve ever used and I’ve used A LOT genuinely wouldn’t go to anyone else now! Perfect job everytime and Erica is so lovely, I instantly felt at ease and relaxed in the beauty room, look forward to my lash appointments now!”

Charlotte Marie White

“Erica is really friendly, can’t do enough to make you look your best, lashes are great I couldn’t live without mine now! Amazing prices thank you highly recommended”

Chloe AR

“Absolutely Loved My Eyelashes! & Lovely Company! Such A Bubbly Person.”

Courtney Ann-Marie

“Erica is fantastic! My lashes always look great and people are forever asking me
where I have had them done. I highly recommend Erica and I would never go
anywhere else”

Rebecca Battersby